Day 3 of my London visit!

I was able to tick a major thing off my bucketlist on this day. The Tower of London has always seemed like a bit of a legend to me, with it’s huge presence throughout British history. So many kings, queens, politicians, criminals and many other people have past through the gates. Therefore when a trip to London was suggested the Tower was the very first thing that sprang to my mind.


If you ever decide to visit this amazing place (which I strongly recommend!) then definitely set apart a full day for it. As it takes hours to fully explore the castle. Even I did not get to see some of the sights, since the Chapel Royal of St Peter and Vincula was closed. There are the obvious attractions to the Tower, such as the Crown Jewels and Beefeater tour guides, however it is the lesser known nooks and crannys of the castle that I find the most fascinating.


Since it was a gorgeous day in the city we decided to catch another ferry back up to Greenwich and have a typically British fish’n’chips besides the Thames, then made our way back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.

My sister, mum and I decided to head back out into the center of the city for spontaneous cocktails and somehow found ourselves hopping off the underground right around the corner from the Shard.


Apologies for the quality of the photos we had to work with extremely dim lighting and our phone cameras haha. The place we went to was Aqua Shard which is on the 32nd floor I think, so we didn’t go right to the top however still had a pretty spectacular view of the city at night!

Read all about the previous two days of my trip to London here.



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