Welcome to my new series where I share with you some of my favourite style inspirations. One of my big style crushes has to be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The British supermodel and actress always looks classy, elegant and very put together on a daily basis but constantly seems to pull it off as if she hasn’t tried too hard. Here are some of my favourite looks of hers:


Whilst working on her collection for Marks and Spencer Rosie opted for this Gerard Darel jumpsuit and a bright blue Georgio Armani bag with strappy heels. I love this look because its so effortless. Jumpsuits are so easy to throw on and the bag adds an eyecatching pop of colour. if you wanted a more casual look you could easily pair the jumpsuit with some loafers.


You can never own too many white shirts, and Rosie seems to share this philosophy with me. Just pair it with a casual pair of jeans, huge sunnies and a slouchy bag and you can’t go wrong!


If I wore an all black outfit like this I would end up looking more like Wednesday Adams instead of a model off duty. However Rosie looks stunning as per.


Here we have another laid back look. The chunky over-sized cardigan screams comfort, and the hat and sunnies combo hide a multitude of late nights, this is the perfect hungover outfit if you want to look presentable yet hide away from the world.

That’s all from me folks, obviously there are many more outfits from Rosie that I love, but we’d be sitting here all day if I wrote about them. Would you like to see some of my favourite red carpet looks from her?


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