We all know January can be a bit of a depressing month, especially after Christmas. Personally my January went very well, but that might have had something to do with my trip to Paris. However, when I was sat at home and the days felt a little bit dull these products helped pep up my mood that extra little bit!


This Estèe Lauder was a Christmas gift I received from my mum, it holds 28 shades of eyeshadow, 9 lip colours, 6 blushers, 2 mini eyeliners and a lip gloss. Once you own this palette you probably won’t need any more! The eyeshadows are so pigmented and easy to blend and you can create so many looks with them, from natural and glowy to smoky and dark. One thing I would have liked to have seen in this palette is more matte colours, however the shades are still easy to work with and feature quite a few transition colours. the eyeliners and lip gloss are the perfect handbag and travel size, as you can see the black one is missing as it is in my bag at this moment! I also love the range of blusher colours, a there are some rosy, some nude and some more bronzy which means you can use them all year round!


The first time I saw the Suitcase magazine was on Lauren Elizabeth’s Instagram, and I instantly knew I had to have it. It is an American magazine that focuses on travel and fashion, two of my most favourite things! It features fashion editorials, articles on places around the world, beauty recommendations and columns from people such as Estée Lalonde and Henry Holland. The little illustrations and fantastic photography is a huge part of what makes this quarterly publication and at £24 per year you can’t lose! (Especially with the 30% off code!)


I was just saying to my friend the other day that I had exhausted most of the music on my Spotify, and needed to find some new music to listen to. The next day I came across LANY, a dreamy LA based band that sounds as if they are straight out of the 80s. Their catchy songs echo BØRNS and have faint twists of The 1975 woven into the music. The quirky lyrics such as “I’m hella obsessed with your face” and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) groove-worthy melodies makes me sooooo excited for summer!


Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall is a book I never pictured myself reading, however when I saw it sitting on the shelf in W.H.Smiths it made me curious. The book is about how geography determines just about every factor of life and politics. Being someone who has not been much into politics in the past, this was such an easy and interesting read and brings forwards points you never would have thought about. I would definitely recommend if you are wanting to delve more into current affairs and learn a bit more behind the reasons why the USA is such a massive power or how the Arctic is slowly becoming more and more vital.


Three products I have really been enjoying using throughout January is MAC’s Burgundy lip liner, Sally Hansen’s nail strengthener and Maybelline’s Brow-drama. I like to use the lip liner by itself, as it lasts a lot longer than any of my lipsticks therefore I don’t have to worry about reapplying all the time. I also think this particular shade sets off my skin tone really well. The other two products are repurchases, I have recently been using the Clinique brow gel however have felt that it does nothing for my eyebrows except brush them into shape, the Brow-drama, however, coats the hairs and sets them into place, making them look neat and fuller. I repurchased the Sally Hansen nail strengthener because I lost my old one and really missed how well it treated my nails. Using this product by itself makes your nails look lovely and I think it also helps my nails grow quicker and healthier, which, with my bad habit of picking my nails, is a welcome treat! I also use it under nail polish as it really helps with the staying power.

So there you have it. I hope you all enjoy these products as much as I do and also let me know what you think of my flat-lay skills… I really enjoying making this post!

Hannah xx



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