London Diaries: March 2017

So it begins, the first full day of our 5 week European adventure. First stop: London.

I didn’t take any photos of our actual first day when we traveled down. Mainly because I was far too tired once we got to our hostel. Therefore, after a quick nap I headed out to explore the area whilst Georgia went to collect her tickets for Walker Stalker Con. We stayed in the Abercorn House which is in the Hammersmith area. On first impressions it is a quieter area compared to the other places I have stayed, however still maintains the famous London atmosphere.

The hostel itself is extremely good in my opinion. Yet you can’t expect luxury when you are intending to travel for 5 weeks straight. Here are my ratings of the hostel:

  • Comfort: 9/10, the beds are nice and soft and although they are single they are quite big.
  • Cleanliness: 10/10, very impressed!
  • Access: 7/10 Hammersmith is quite close and only a metro ride away from the center of London. One thing I would comment on is the fact that they only give you one room key which makes it a bit annoying when the group are all going to different places.
  • Security: 9/10, Hammersmith doesn’t seem to be a bad area and I felt completely safe in the Hostel
  • Wifi: 6/10, you have to pay £1 for an hour. But the strength is good.
  • Staff: 8/10, all very friendly

The next day was the first full day of the convention, which I have no interest in, therefore I found myself on the metro heading towards Notting Hill; a place that I have heard much about so I decided to check it out.

Pastel Houses.jpgChurch.jpg

After buying a bacon buttie from the VQ Cafe and Diner I wandered around the streets admiring the beautiful houses and buildings until I came across Portobello Road Market.

Flowers.jpgPolaroid Cameras.jpgPortobello Market.jpgStreet View.jpgTeacups.jpgVintage Books.jpgBread.jpg

Now, compared to the market in my hometown, this is humongous. I didn’t even reach the end! There was stall upon stall of vintage books, teacups, records, jewellery, silks, flowers and more. I instantly regretted buying my breakfast from the first cafe I saw because the food stalls were glorious, bread, crepes, pastries, meats, fruits, anything you could wish for!

Afterwards I just wandered around the city for what must have been miles and miles haha and then I somehow ended up trawling around Harrods gazing at the beautiful bags that I WILL be able to afford one day 😉

Watch out for my blog post about my adventures in London tomorrow!

Hannah xx





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