So as I was researching interesting things to do in London I came across on Pinterest an article about a ‘Litte Venice’. I had never heard of this before so decided to go and check it out. It is extremely easy to get to as it is literally just to your immediate left and you walk out of the station.

This particular Sunday was showery so I escaped to the riverside Starbucks for my breakfast until the rain stopped and then went outside to explore.

borough-of-paddingtonBlue Skies.jpgGladstone.JPGHouse on the side.jpgPaddington Station.jpgRed.jpgSwan Figurehead.JPGWaterside Cafe Sign.JPGWaterside Cafe.JPG

It was very quaint and relaxing to just meander along the side of the canal, although it was a stark contrast to the skyscrapers and glass buildings in the background. For those wondering, staying here in your canal boat is free for 7 days, and £25 per day thereafter.


I love discovering quirky little places like this and will definitely be coming back when I am next in London.

Next I decided to head through Covent Gardens towards Buckingham Palace, which is just a short walk away from the Transport Museum and takes you through Trafalagar Square. After an essential pit stop at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen I found myself in the midst of a downpour and had to shelter underneath the Admiralty Arch.

Jubilee Market

RainbowAdmiratly ArchPalaceElizabeth and GeorgeMall

Victoria Statue (2).JPGBuckingham Palace

I think it is impossible to get bored of visiting Buckingham Palace, with it’s constant tourist attention and the Queen’s guard. You cannot visit London and miss this out!

Much Love,

Hannah xx







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