Fflower marketAmsterdam was one of the cities at the very top of our list when we were planning this trip, so as you can imagine, we were pretty excited to finally get there after months of planning! We did find however that over the weekend hostel prices in Amsterdam are sky high so we ended up stalling our visit for a few days so we could stay more towards our budget. Once we got there our hostel was right on the edge of Vondelpark which meant it was a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Therefore the first thing we did here was wander around the park for a couple of hours and soak up the early March sunshine. After a good (and affordable!) meal at the hostel we headed out to see the I Amsterdam sign…

iamsterdamiamsterdam benchsmiles

The next day was where we really started to explore the city. Georgia had been here before so she relatively  knew her way around. We had a quick look around the torture museum, which, as you can imagine, was a little bit grim so lightened the day up with a mooch around the famous floating flower market.


flower markettFflower market

Afterwards we headed over to one of the many canals and hopped aboard a canal boat tour!

20170313_13415220170313_13442920170313_14012720170313_140636Boat trip

It is a lovely way to get to know the city and you can also get many little quirky pieces of information off the tour guides (including where to get the best weed, if you are into that kind of thing ;)). If you happen to stay at the Stay OK Vondelpark hostel they offer a discount on many different tourist attractions in the city, and the 1 hour canal cruise is included!

I would love to come back to Amsterdam soon, hopefully next time I will be able to visit more places such as the Anne Frank house and Van Gogh Museum!

Next up Munich!

Much love, Hannah xx


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