Hello there!

Some may have noticed I have been a little bit MIA these past few weeks, and there is one simple little reason why – technology. Sometimes it plays up and frustrates you to the point where you give up trying to fight it. When I was away in Europe my laptop decided to make it extremely complicated to sort through my photos and upload them onto my blog, therefore I decided to put blogging on hold until I returned home and was able to persuade my amazing tech savvy mum to reboot everything. What would we do without them eh?

Now here I am back again feeling inspired and ready to get back into my blogging groove.

So, where have I been? You have already seen some of the cities we visited on our inter-railing trip around Europe, and let me assure you there are many more post to come from them amazing cities. In addition, we flew to the opposite side of the world to California for just over 2 weeks, which was one of the most amazing times of my life. Fast forward to this past week, I have been settling back in to normal life and spending quality time with some special people.

Forgive me if some posts are a little bit sporadic, changing work rotas and getting as many hours under my belt as I can might limit my blogging time for a little while. But I promise I will be on here as often as possible.

See you soon with some photos of Prague!

Hannah xx



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