Prague is a city suited to everyone. It is full of history, stunning architecture, shopping, scenery, cool bars and night clubs, art… you name it. If I had to rate all the places I have been then this beautiful city is veryyyy close to the top of the list. We stayed at the Charles Bridge Economic Hostel, a social, comfortable and clean place about 10 steps away from the famous Charles Bridge and a 15 minute tram ride away from the train station. Therefore it took us a maximum of 10 minutes to get anywhere. I cannot recommend this hostel enough!

On our first full day we wandered up the hill to Prague Castle…


The castle was basically a town in itself. With a Cathedral, royal palaces, basilica, treasury and the “Golden Lane”, a street of tiny houses once inhabited by servants and tradesmen such as goldsmiths. It was fascinating gazing at the stunning architechture and learning about the lives of the people who lived there, whether they be rich noblemen or soldiers. I also tried my hand and shooting a crossbow. And was pretty pleased with the result!


The next day we decided to explore the town a little bit more. To get to the town center you had to cross over the famous Charles Bridge, with its formidable statues, cobbles road and street sellers and painters. And after a short walk, you come to the center square, with the beautiful astronomical clock that attracts a crowd of people every hour to its chiming.


The next day we decided to have a relaxed stroll along the riverside, soaking up the beautiful architecture and city views from across the river. Being in Prague truly feels like you have stepped back in time!

20170319_16233020170319_16475020170319_170749What we came across on the walk back was very unexpected! I had heard of the John Lennon wall however I had no idea that it was in the local vicinity of where we were staying. It was only a 10 minutes or less walk away! The memorial for the famous The Beatles member is a wall covered in art and graffiti; the majority of which promotes peace and love to the world. 20170319_17512120170406_11593720170319_174943

All in all it was an extremely interesting visit to and interesting city. I would definitely recommend coming here for a city break as it has a huge range of activities for people of all ages.

Hnnah xx


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