After a 9 hour train journey from Amsterdam we finally arrived at our hostel in Munich at roughly 10 to 7, my bum felt pretty numb by this point I can tell you! We felt a little but tired so just bought some pizza and went to bed. Here is a little photo diary of … More MUNICH


Amsterdam was one of the cities at the very top of our list when we were planning this trip, so as you can imagine, we were pretty excited to finally get there after months of planning! We did find however that over the weekend hostel prices in Amsterdam are sky high so we ended up … More AMSTERDAM


This trip to Iceland took place over a month ago now however we all ┬álead busy lives don’t we therefore I haven’t had much chance to post. It is half 11 at night as I type this on my day off and I rarely get the chance for an early night therefore the writing will … More 21/11/16-25/11/16


Day 3 of my London visit! I was able to tick a major thing off my bucketlist on this day. The Tower of London has always seemed like a bit of a legend to me, with it’s huge presence throughout British history. So many kings, queens, politicians, criminals and many other people have past through … More 17/08/16